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A Beacon for Adoption + Beyond

As an adoptive mom and former HR executive, I founded SoulFilling to empower the adoption community with stories of resilience and a focus on what’s going right. Passionate about creating a supportive space for adoptive families to share, learn, inspire, and thrive together.

On a Mission to Make Adoption 

More Mainstream at School and at Home

Hi! I'm Francine Apy. I started SoulFilling to be a light on your path to and through adoption. As a mom myself with three almost grown children through the blessing of adoption, I blend my personal experience, professional background in Human Resources, and the science of positive psychology to my coaching, writing, public speaking, and facilitating services. I am passionate about making the adoption conversation more mainstream and casual, at home, in schools, and throughout our communities.

If adoption is on your heart and you are looking for a resource, a sounding board, or a champion, I would love to connect with you. Curious if an Adoptive Parent Coach would be a good fit for you? I offer a free 15-minute consultation so you can get your questions answered.


SoulFilling offers a wide range of services to the adoption community. If you don't see what you're looking for, send me a message!

Adoptive Parent Coaching

Guidance and encouragement to current or potential adoptive parents based on my own lived experience, coaching background, and training in Positive Psychology.

Bright Light Boutique

Our adoption-themed shop features jewelry, journals, onesies, mugs, candles, and more.

Community Outreach

Adoption Communities & Charities, Public Speaking Engagements, Adoption Focus Groups

What Fills My Soul

How SoulFilling Came to Be

I will be forever grateful for my three children, for their birthmothers, and for my husband's unconditional love and support through the process of creating our family of five. The process of building our family through the loving process of adoption has been the most soulfilling experience of my life!

My hope is that you find SoulFilling to be a place of light, filled with stories and objects of hope, courage and transformation.

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Shop the Bright Light Boutique

Visit SoulFilling's Bright Light Boutique for a curated collection of adoption-themed gifts, apparel, books, and jewelry.

Children's Book

This story opens up a heartfelt conversation about adoption, set within the colorful and relatable backdrop of a school day. It’s based on an event that happened to one of our children.

Brianna's Brave Day at School is a book crafted with love, aimed at nurturing understanding among our youngest readers. Here's where you can find it:

Brianna's Brave Day at School


Join Me in the Adoption Conversation

If you have any questions about SoulFilling's services or would like to request a free 15-minute consultation to see if adoption coaching is a fit for you, please fill out the form and I will be in touch soon!

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What if it all works out?
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Did you know the Lotus is the official flower for adoption?

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