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Meet Francine Apy

A Beacon of Light for Adoption + Beyond


At the heart of SoulFilling is Francine Apy, whose vision shines brightly as a beacon for those journeying through adoption. 


Francine's mission is to cast a spotlight on modern adoption narratives, celebrate the positives, and share how adoption has transformed over the years. She's dedicated to encouraging adoption conversations in casual, conversational ways at homes, school, and in our communities, spreading a message of faith, hope, and encouragement. 


As a mother, blessed three times through adoption, an aunt to five adopted nieces and nephews, and an advocate, Francine harnesses the power of resilience and the science behind positive psychology  to support and elevate the adoption community. Whether through her writing, coaching, speaking engagements, educational courses, podcast engagements, or her line of adoption-themed gifts and apparel, Francine's commitment to fostering understanding and openness around adoption is unwavering.


Francine, HR executive turned entrepreneur, Beacon for the adoption world and beyond, channeled her professional experience with her lived adoption perspective, and is living her purpose.


Outside of SoulFilling, Francine and her husband cherish time spent with family and friends, traveling, exploring nature, enjoying music, indulging in reading, and engaging in activities that nourish the soul and inspire a fuller, brighter life. 


Join Francine Apy in embracing and advancing the conversation about adoption—a journey of love, reslience, transformation, and connection.

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